Rotary Service Company Provides Field Pros for Rotary

Dryer Repair

Rotary Service Company provides professional field service maintenance for Rotary Dryer repair.  Above all, we are proud of our field maintenance technicians And their commitment working with customers to provide quality products and services. We offer complete on-site repairs for all trunnion mounted rotary dryers.  See our  Field Maintenance Services page for more details.

Wear Profile – Tire & Trunnion

Rotary Dryer Repair is our primary focus

Additionally, all of RSC’s rotary parts engineered to or above OEM specifications. We provide our customers engineered CAD drawings including dimensional data of the part.  Because we manufacture to our customer’s specifications, drawings sent to our customers prior to production. See our (New Parts)  page for component parts you may need for your equipment.

In addition, RSC’s engineering group engineers to OEM specifications, developing new or enhanced designs so that parts for our customer’s Rotary Dryer repair work precisely and exceed normal OEM expectations.  Moreover, these engineering services include mill specs and any required metallurgical verification.  Finally, RSC recommends upgrades in metallurgy and mounting designs when available.  RSC guarantees all parts and repairs for one full year.

Spur Gears & One Piece Tires

The company is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers for replacement parts and total Rotary Dryer repair.  Our team works with our client’s schedule or emergency maintenance shutdown in order to limit interruptions in their workflow.  Finally, Rotary Service Company develops a comprehensive ongoing maintenance program designed to increase the service life of a company’s rotary parts in order to reduce unnecessary down time.




RSC guarantees its parts and field maintenance services with a one-year warranty.

Our mission is to make the success of each client’s repair our own.