Rotary Service Company Provides New Parts for all Trunnion Mounted Vessels



Thrust Roller Assemblies

Thrust Roller Drawing

Rotary Service Company provides quality trunnion mounted components for rotary vessels. We engineer & manufacture tires, trunnions, gears, flighting and other components through our company.  See our listing of parts below.New parts orders engineered to your specific need, with dimensioned drawings provided as part of the purchase. We engineer and manufacture each part to meet our customer needs. See our  Engineering page for more details.

Upgraded Trunnions & Trunnion Base

Manufacture of our parts is always to industry standards. Furthermore, metallurgy is reviewed for each part.  We offer engineering upgrades to increase the durability and enhance the component’s operation. We always verify critical dimensions through our customer prior to assembly.  Get started by completing and returning one of our Worksheets to detail your component.  Drawings are always helpful if you have them too.

RSC provides a competitive pricing structure for rotary components, new and used. Consequently Our price is consistently below OEM pricing.  Because each part is engineered to industry standards we provide that durability required for non-stop operations.

One Piece Tires & Spur Gears Ready For Installation

We supply tires, trunnions, gears, flighting, shell repairs, and many other parts for on-site repairs.  New parts are engineered to your specific need,

Don’t forget, we also provide good used equipment from individual components to complete systems.  See our Used Parts & Equipment  page for our current listing of used and  reconditioned equipment available.

RSC guarantees its parts and field maintenance services with a one year warranty.


 Our mission is to make the success of each client’s repair our own