Gear & Pinion Installation

RSC removes the gear guards and prepares the main gear for removal.. The main gear is removed, and the gear mounting assembly inspected for wear; cracks or fractures of its component parts. Repairs are made to the gear mounting assembly and RSC, using new gear bolts and other necessary mounting hardware, installs the new gear. See (New Parts) to order gears and pinions.

Spur Gears

Our personnel adjusts the gear to acceptable run-out tolerances by shimming to correct misaligned sections of gear, radial misalignment, and axial misalignment as necessary. Run-outs are validated prior to locking the gear into place.

The Pinion gear is aligned to make contact with the main gear along the entire face of the pinion.  Backlash is checked and adjusted to bring the gear faces into tolerance. Gear guards are  then reinstalled on the unit.


 Gears showing uneven wear along the surface of the teeth cannot be correctly aligned and will create noise and vibration within the drive system of the unit. Gear reversal or replacement may be necessary when this occurs. 

Gears welded directly to the unit must be cut loose and reinstalled using a bolted flange or sprung gear-mounting assembly before it can be properly aligned.

RSC guarantees its parts and field maintenance services with a one-year warranty


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