Internal Product Flighting


Rotary Service Company Engineers, Manufactures and Installs Flighting for all Trunnion Mounted Rotary Equipment


Does your product take too long to dry through the vessel? – Moisture content still to high? –  Are you using too much natural gas to dry your product?

New Vessel – Flighting

Chances are you need to take a look at the inside of your vessel!  Worn or missing flights affect the ability of the vessel to remove the moisture from the product.  Rotary Service Company can help you identify and correct your flighting issues.

Too many times, vessels loose capability due to loss of individual flights,  Longterm wear, inadequate installation, or simply poorly engineering. Each of these items dramatically affect the production efficiency of your rotary vessel.  The science is simple, veil the product through an adequate airstream, driving the moisture off the product using BTUs normally generated from a natural gas burner.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s not as complicated as it seems.  We look at your process, evaluate the production loads and determine the vessel sizing needed to dry the product. We then determine the BTUs required, and finally look at your veiling requirements.

Installing Internal Flighting

Too much veiling chokes your burner and you don’t dry the product.  Too little veiling causes your BTUs to go up the stack.  We combine a number of flighting styles to utilize the entire vessel.

Combustion flights protect the vessel from burn out.  Bucket flights lift the product further up and into the stream, toothed flights allow the product to start the veiling process more quickly, and advancing flights move the product more quickly.

Need more retention time?  We can fix that too.  RSC’s flighting design allows the bed depth required to retain the product in the zone and help to protect the vessel from overheating causing “hot zones”.



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