Rotary Service Company offers Quality Field Maintenance Services

And Parts for all Trunnion Mounted Rotary Vessels.


RSC specializes in Tire and Trunnion Grinding


Tire Grinding

Because most alignment issues relate directly to the condition of tires and trunnions on the vessel, floating the vessel is impossible without tire and trunnion surfaces being flat. Visit our Tire and Trunnion Grinding page for more information on obtaining a quote for your vessel.

Tires and Trunnions must be resurfaced (ground) on a regular basis to maintain proper operational alignment of the vessel. Because a reoccurring cycle of 3 to 5 years is advised to maintain good surface contact of the rotating components. It is imperative to maintain flat surfaces on the trunnions and tires.

Consequently, when Tires and Trunnions do not have flat surfaces across the faces, thrust (“float”) of the vessel cannot be controlled. See our Precision Two Phase Alignment page to understand why float is critical to your vessel’s operation.



Vessel Construction

RSC provides upgrade services for rotary equipment including kilns, dryers, coolers, and calciners. We repair direct and indirect fired vessels. Because of the effect to the vessel’s operation, we also distribute for several burner manufacturers.  These specialized parts Include burners, gas trains and control systems.

RSC provides complete vessel manufacturing from concept engineering through installation. Complete systems from feed hopper to silo are well within our capacity. Our engineering department provides complete vessel and burner design. RSC engineers and manufactures direct and indirect fired systems. Material handling and process engineering assistance are also available to maximize your process. See our Engineering page for more information.



Field Maintenance Services Internal Flighting Installation

Our technicians provide repair services from concept to completion. We cover the critical areas of engineering, procurement, manufacturing, installation, and startup operations on each project.

Most important to our customers, field service repairs & consulting services are provided every day, seven days a week. Our emergency services provide expertise on the site immediately.

Our company has vast experience throughout the industry with Kilns, Calciners, Coolers, Granulators, Steam Tube Dryers, direct and indirect fired vessels.

RSC’s safety record is impeccable, and support your company’s requirements for professionalism and safe working conditions on the plant site.

Above all, we take care of your rotary equipment allowing you to concentrate on productivity!





Thrust Roller Assembly


Calciner Trunnion Rollers

Our parts pricing is always competitive for your rotary components. Notably, our new and used components remain consistently below OEM pricing. Because each part is engineered to industry standards we provide the durability required for non-stop operations. See our New Parts page for more information. We supply tires, trunnions, gears, flighting, shell repairs, and many other parts for on-site repairs. New parts are engineered to your specific need, with dimensioned drawings provided as part of the purchase.

We offer an effective solution to your parts sourcing requirements





Our company takes great pride on referrals from its customers.  We encourage you to call & talk to our clients. Visit our Customer Referrals page for some of our customer comments regarding past projects.  Above all, discuss our capabilities, expertise, and response time with them.   Finally, give us a call, our consultants and crews are standing by to travel to your facility.



Our mission is to make the success of each client’s repair our own.