RSC provide a complete line of replacement two-piece or four-piece girth gears. Additionally, we include dimensional data and engineered drawings for your trunnion mounted rotary equipment on each purchase.

Spur Gears & One Piece Tires

As a result, each gear is engineered to O.E.M specs. and because we send approval drawings prior to production, we assure specific needs are met.  Finally, Mill certificates provided upon request to verify the metallurgy and hardness characteristics of the finished gear.

In addition to everything else, our engineering staff reviews each order to assure the gear performs to the exacting standards you require. Especially relevant, we recommend automatic upgrades in metallurgy and mounting designs recommended. Thus allowing you to exceed the performance of the original drive train components.  Download and complete the Gear Worksheet in the (Downloads) page for a quote.

RSC guarantees its parts and field maintenance services with a one year warranty.