Tire Support (Filler-Bar) Installation

Rotary Service Company removes the existing tire support system, (filler bars) and replaces them with tire supports, shims and stops designed specifically for your unit.

RSC’s tire support system provides maximum coverage to the inside dimension (ID) of the supported tire allowing better distribution of loads through the tire to the trunnions.  Consequently the RSC system reduces metal fatigue and wear caused by continuous loading and unloading sections of the tire.

New Tire Supports (Filler-Bars)

Our personnel shim the tire between the tire supports and shell at four opposing points. Therefore our system locks the tire into correct alignment with the shell. Additionally, the remaining sections of the tire shimmed sequentially to achieve at least 60% coverage of the ID of the tire.

Trapped Filler Bar System – Loosing Shims

Above all, our system maintains the axial and radial alignment of the tire to the shell. Furthermore, we bring the overall gap between the shell and the tire to 1/16 inch at production temperature, (or that specified). Finally, our personnel install tire stops positioning the tire in correct radial rotation with the shell.

RSC’s stops are welded directly to the filler bars on three sides of the stops. The stops cannot move, retaining the tire in correct radial alignment.  We manufacture the stops from softer metal designed to wear before the tire as a normal feature.

This design predicts a 5 to 7 year maintenance event that protects the sides of the tire from wear and allows several additional serviceable years from the tire.

PAC MAN Design

The Rotary Service Company safety record is impeccable

And in conjunction, support your company’s requirements for professionalism and safe working conditions on the plant site.  Rotary Service Company has vast experience without the price of O.E.M. markups or overhead. Visit the Customer Referrals page to contact “recent customers” and find out RSC from the maintenance manager’s view.




RSC guarantees its parts and field maintenance services with a one-year warranty.

Our mission is to make the success of each client’s repair our own.