Shell Repairs – Shell Replacement

80′ Kiln Section Replacement

The Rotary Service Company provides shell repairs and replacements that best serve your needs. Length, thickness, special design criteria including special metals and tolerances are all considerations. Each can ease installation and ensure maximum performance of your vessel. We offer replacement standard sections, or we design for special needs, fabricating shell replacement from your drawings.

Kiln Shell Sections Ready for Installation

The Rotary Service Company safety record is impeccable, and in conjunction support your company’s requirements for professionalism and safe working conditions on the plant site. Rotary Service Company has vast O.E.M. experience without the price of O.E.M. markups or overhead. Visit the  Customer Referrals page of this site to contact “recent customers” and find out RSC’s reputation from the maintenance manager’s view.

RSC guarantees its parts and field maintenance services with a one-year warranty

Our mission is to make the success of each client’s repair our own