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Installing Four Piece Tire

Rotary Service Company retrofits your rotary equipment with new tires, quickly in the field, no matter what the manufacturer. Consequently To date, we have hundreds of units in operation, which meet the industry standards. Because proper contact between tire and trunnions is basic to rotary equipment performance.

Finally, we guarantee precision alignment of every unit installed. Download and complete the Tire Worksheet (Downloads).

Do you have an especially difficult installation issue?  We provide four piece tires designed to fit your vessel.  Some vessels have been installed or modified to the extent that installing a new one piece tire is next to impossible.  Our engineers will design a new four piece tire that fits your application.

Four Piece Tire

We manufacture from ANSI forged steel.  Machined to exacting tolerances and finished to a RMS 250 grade finish.

Minimize downtime with The Rotary Service Company tire replacement kits. No matter what specification requirements you have:

We can replace it – In place – In the field without sacrificing quality standards.

See our Tire Support Installation page for more information on how we install your new or existing tire.